Created with Panotools & PTMac

Two Spherical Panoramas:
Frankfurt Palmengarten

Two panoramas taken on a visit to Frankfurt am Main.

These panoramas were both taken digitally with the aid of a fisheye adapter.

Palmengarten 1, Frankfurt

'480x480' 1.3MB

'Full Screen' 2.8MB

Java: 480x480 1MB

Palmengarten 2, Frankfurt

'480x480' 1MB

'Full Screen' 2.2MB

Java: 480x480 0.9MB

QuickTime 5 or above: comes with all Macs, the plugin can be downloaded (about 14MB) for Windows.

Java: already on almost all machines except Windows XP, it can be downloaded for XP here.

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This page last updated in January 2003