The Flybot

Built to allow close investigation of the forest canopy, the flybot was launched at the Eden Project on Friday 19th September 2003. Currently radio-controlled, it will eventually be autonomous offering a live video feed to the web, with the ability for web-navigation.

Designed and built by Tim MacMillan, inventor of the timeslice technique.

Click on the links below to see the 360 panoramas in QuickTime or Java formats.


'Small' 200KB

'Medium' 800KB

'Full Screen' 1.3MB
Flybot Launch, Eden

Java Panos

'Small' 200KB

'Medium' 800KB
'Small' 300KB

'Medium' 700KB

'Full Screen' 1.6MB
Flybot Control Centre

Java Panos

'Small' 650KB

'Medium' 680KB

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